Blackjack card counting Casino precautions

Blackjack card counting Casino precautions

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Due to the effectiveness of the blackjack card counting casinos have taken precautions on how to counter it. It would be interesting to know what they are.

As far as the law is concerned, the blackjack card that counts for an individual is not illegal. However, casinos have taken measures to control it. A measure is that the pit boss will immediately stop playing blackjack or ask players using the blackjack card that counts to stop. Sometimes they are asked to leave the premises. Some even treat them as scammers and in times past they have been pushed out to dark remote rooms. Some were even dumped in some desert area after a long drive.

A common provision today is to scramble cards often. The use of multiple decks is also done and these measures can effectively reverse the blackjack card count. Some pit bosses will force the player to limit the wagers to flat bets to make all the blackjack card counting almost useless. A measure that seems law-abiding is when they read or quote the “Transgression Law” and permanently prohibits the player from returning to the casino . Doing so would be met holding of the house.

Nomadic cameras inside casinos are common which are connected to videos placed in secluded rooms. From there all activities are watched carefully, especially blackjack card counting activities. When a player is suspected of being offended the player is controlled through close-in video of the circuit and special software is used to record everything about the player. To prevent this, we must keep ourselves from visiting the same place. We also avoid betting too aggressively and never stay too long even when there is a hot streak for us.

Remember this general rule: always try to project dignified and to warm up the image in a casino. Do not look too serious about winning. Look as if we are right there to enjoy the game. When traders get acquainted with us in a favorable way it would be easier to make our blackjack card counting without appearing obvious or suspicious. Make sure the winnings have a look of too much luck in them. Observe smartly renounced and Mr. o Systematic ms.

Many blackjack cards counting aficionados try to disguise their acts with a lot of cover-ups. There was even a case where the paper counters dressed up like women. But no matter how hard they try casinos would always stick up on them. So, in all these cloaks and the episodes of the dagger one thing has been proven: blackjack card counting is very effective, indeed.

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